David Chaudoir is an award winning writer/director who has done both in the fields of motion design, music videos and commercials. At the age of ten he directed his first film; a two minute epic shot on standard 8 film stock and was the story of a go carting dare-devil.

He spent his formative years avoiding being sent to bed too early to miss the horror double bill on Friday nights on BBC2 and developed a deep love of the genre.


Gaining entry to St Martins School of Art’s Fine Art Film Degree and seeing a dearth of job opportunities at the end, he graduated from the Graphics Audio Visual department and joined production company Diverse as a motion graphics designer.  There he worked on various television programmes for Channel 4 and BBC2 including the intelligent film programme, Moving Pictures.

Fast forward 10 years and he was designing channel identities in the UK and Europe and then writing and directing music videos for UK bands like AthleteStarsailor, Ladytron and Graham Coxon.

Another ten years pass working for advertising agencies, production companies and television channels.  In 2012 David directed a promotion for FX channel for The Walking Dead which went viral and won awards at Kinsale and Promax.

The Walking Dead

David has written scripts and directed for various clients for a multitude of projects including a series of animations for Discovery History Night, Marks and Spencer as well as promotions for FOX and National Geographic. David has returned to the genre that first inspired him – horror – with his debut feature film script Montague and Bullingdon:Demon Hunters the short scripts Talk of the Devil and Bad Acid.

David lives in Bath.